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stage aikido avec Nebi Vural sensei _ Tunisie 2009

Publié le 25 Janvier 2009 par aikido el menzah

L'association sahelienne d'aikido à organise un stage aikido sous la direction de nebi vural sensei
le stage à eu  lieu a Tunis.
Nb de participants:63

le prochain stage de Nebi vural sensei
12 13 et 14 Mars 2010

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aikido el menzah 01/02/2009 21:03

About Nebi vural sensei :
"Nebi Vural Sensei was born on 29 September 1951 in Kars (a city eastern Turkey) and, since his father was an officer in the army, has lived in many different cities. He started studying karate in Ankara when he was 15 years old. He later joined self defense, judo and ju-jitsu classes in the army academy. After receiving a scholarship in 1972, he went to France to continue his education where he came into contact with aikido which he has been studying for the last 30 years. Nebi Vural Sesei is a student and close follower of renowned Japanese master Nobuyoshi Tamura Shihan (8th dan). He has had the opportunity of studying with many other aikido masters such as Kishomaru Ueshiba, M. Ueshiba (Doshu), K. Osawa, S. Arikawa, R. Shirata, M. Saito, K. Iwata, M. Nakazano, N. Ichihashi, M. Kobayashi, K. Chiba, Y. Yamada, M. Ikeda, T. Ichimura, M. Kanai, M. Sasaki, S. Sugano.
"Nebi Vural Sensei gives classes in his own dojo in France during the week and on the weekends he regularly gives seminars in France and in other countries such as Cuba, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkey, Poland and Slovakia. He is the technical consultant for the French Aikido Federation and holds a French government diploma for Aikido. He also serves as technical consultant to a number of other aikido federations. He has the highest ranking of a Turkish aikido instructor and is known around the world for practicing precise, realistic, traditional Aikido.He has 2 children and lives in Blois, France where he holds a full time position with an American company as a high level manager."

aikido el menzah ( tunis ) 27/08/2009 15:18

prochain stage avec nebi vural sensei :mi mars 2010